Virtu Systems specializes in developing technologies and services of banking, insurance and service products sales. We occupy positions of leadership in the market of the front office solutions in the insurance industry.

We make banking and insurance services comfortable, help our partners to increase their sales and get an additional profit

Unique technologies allow fast launching of new products and their distribution via sales channels. We were the first ones to bring industrial solutions of the front office for selling insurance products to the market and started to provide it according SaaS-model. Using this model there is no need to acquire any licenses or to expand an IT infrastructure. A simple connection to our servers allows immediate access to our system. Our clients are charged for each policy sold – a system depending on the volume of sales. This model allows clients to plan IT costs without any large initial investments.

25 Million + policies per year

20 years + of the industry competence

50 billion rub + of insurance premium per year

1000 + insurance products

15 of 30 best insurance companies chose Virtu Systems

1 million + active users on different platforms

Virtu Systems has rating “A” according to the results of the financial audit.


  • Ready sales service
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Processing a large flow of operations
  • Automatic data unloading
  • Work service model (SааS)
  • Customising all types of insurance and processes
  • Self-customization
  • Access control
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Minimum time costs
  • Avoidance of double data entry
  • Integration capabilities "on either side"
  • No need for a license
  • Works in all browsers

Our leaders

Oleg Ryashentsev


Sergey Ananiev

Operating Officer

Dmitry Chesnokov

Commercial Director

Andrey Ryabov

Development Director

Oleg Poletaev

Product Director

Oksana Ometsinskaya

Chief accountant

Alexander Lorenz

Director of M&A