Interview with Alexander Solomonov, Executive Director of “Virtu Systems”, for the review of CNews: talking about the latest trends on IT market and new technological opportunities for insurance companies, pension funds and banks.

CNews: What the results did your company achieve in 2014. Please share your plans for 2015. If we talk about financial performance, we feel more confidently due to our new system JARVIS at the results of first two quarters of 2015. I think it will allow us to enter new markets. If we offer our solutions exclusively to insurance companies and pension funds, now we have something to offer to banks and other financial companies.

CNews: Tell more about JARVIS: how it was created, what its unique features, whether difficult it is implemented, what the competitive advantages of the system? There is no the same solution on the Russian market. There are some similar systems on the West market, but we can compete with them. I think the future for platform solutions, because they allow to aggregate data, to describe any processes and thus to realize any of the customer’s imagination. The setting of such system is available to workers without special qualification. For example, you can set KPI for any employee in our system, and then to form reports, create graphs and make analysis of its activity. You should create the separate module for these purposes in other solutions.

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