LLC “Geopolis” Insurance Company belongs to the group of companies “Geopolis” that was founded in 1993. LLC “Geopolis” Insurance Company specializes in property insurance since 2005 in accordance with Russian regulation. The company focuses on car insurance and insurance of different kinds of property.

Solution: OMTPL


  • Automation of the process of insurance contracts creation: calculation, registration, printing, introduction of modifications, registration of supplemental agreements and prolongations, registration of termination of contracts, online report making
  • Information exchange with Russian Association of Motor Insurers. Integration with external systems: partner solutions, payment systems etc.
  • Checking of the contractor according to the lists of persons constituted by the Financial Monitoring Service

Results: Automation of OMTPL-policies sales process

Complex accomplishment of technological requirements of Russian regulations and market regulators to OMTPL sales.

Response: Fefelov M.B. Deputy director of Geopolis insurance department

“We liked in the system the opportunity of the historical contracts migration, thanks to which we would be able to realize prolongation and create new supplemental agreements. I want to mention that the system is convenient that allows to teach employees quickly. The system always gives the correct calculation and policy issuance that really makes sales control and sales accounting faster. Partner service deals with the question of sales automation by the agents and selling divisions and, as a result, provides a convenient tool for sales network”.