CB “UNIASTRUM BANK” (LLC) launched product “Tax Deduction” (“Sovremennye Yuridicheskiye Resheniya” (LLC), brand PRAVOKARD) and product “Your right” (“Russian Standard Insurance” (JSC), using the JARVIS 2.0 platform (made by Virtu Systems).

The decision allowed to automate sale of partners’ products and distribute them on sales channels at a short time. By the aid of JARVIS 2.0 three suites of services became available at all departments of Uniastrum Bank: social, property, investment and unique program of insurance “Your right” in three options: classic, gold, platinum.

The launching of products became the first project on the new version of the JARVIS platform. Virtu Systems presented the second generation of the front-office JARVIS in 2016. The decision allows to make cross-selling of banking products with insurance and service products, to automate selection of partners’ products suitable for client, gives prompt messages to bank employees and allows to sell several products in one session, having excluded double entry of data. Sales are organized like an Internet store with a shopping cart that allows you to arrange and pay several products at the same time. Bank earns an agency fee from sale of partner commission products.


Uniastrum Bank (LLC) was founded in 1994. Registered with the CBR on March 31, 1994, CBR General License no. 2771 dd. May 14, 2013. Uniastrum Bank is a universal credit institution delivering a comprehensive range of high-caliber financial products and services throughout its entire network. Uniastrum is committed to working to the highest standards for the benefit of its customers and to ensuring that meeting their needs remains the Bank’s number one priority.