Virtu Systems became the silver sponsor of the 17th conference “IT in insurance”, which took place in Moscow on September 22, 2016. Commercial Director Dmitriy Chesnokov spoke about the evolution of IT systems and about future technologies, which Virtu Systems creates.

The market poses new challenges: there are less new customers; typical products are already purchased and there are no original products; selection of products is complicated by the absence of a profile of the client; it’s necessary to use double, sometimes even triple, input during using different partners’ front-offices; there’s no control over the post-sale.

Dmitriy presented the Virtu Systems’s solution, which allows to overcome the above problems. He spoke about the path, that IT systems had to go through to reach the advanced level. There were shown smart products showcase, the conditional distribution of the institution card in JARVIS 2.0.

During the speech, the marketplace Virtu Ring (made by Virtu Systems) was presented. It is the new cloud-based platform for interaction of vendors and sellers, which allows you to promote new and original products, provides new distribution channels. The platform is suitable for those, who have the products (as the sales channel for convenient access to new customers), and those, who have customers (as the possibility of selling new services to their clients and generate additional fee income).

We want to thank AHConferences for the organization of the conference and hope for further cooperation.