April 16-17, 2016 Virtu Systems became the general partner of the Finnet Group event: “Hackathon + Foresite”, which took place at “Boiling Point” of the ASI with the support of RVC and ASI. Hackathon participants worked at prototypes for two days, and experts created the image of the future of financial market and worked at the projects in this area.

Hackathon teams worked on four nominations: “Insurance services”, “Decentralized Finance”, “Big Data” and “Finance of the future”. Virtu Systems experts Pavel Poloskov and Alexey Smirnov helped the teams in the nomination “Insurance services” (“Insurance in the era of market digitalization: the messengers”) estimating the value of business projects and prompting the direction for development.

The project “p2p Insurance (ethirium)” won first place in the nomination “Insurance services”. Oleg Ryshentsev, Virtu Systems Managing Director, was one of judges. The project team “Chat-bot consultant for insurance” received encouraging gift from organizers, Virtu Systems experts noted activity of the young team. We thank all teams for the interest in our nomination.

During hackathon, Ivan Ivanov and Oleg Ryshentsev participated in the foresite session and contributed in the creation of the map of the future financial market.

Here is the video with Oleg Ryshentsev’s speech about the outcome of a two-day work group.

It was the first Hackathon dedicated to the future of finance organized by FinNet Group. The hackathon and foresite session held as one event gave a chance to bring together experts from different areas in one place. We want to thank Timofey Golovin, Andrei Vasilev for organizing the event. We always look forward to cooperating with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Russian Venture Company.