Raiffeisen Life launched the sales service for some insurance products using the front office system of Virtu Systems.

The project of automation of accident insurance started in 2013. Raiffeisen Life planning to launch the online sales service of accident insurance products on Rambler Finance by integration of the front-office solution of Virtu Systems with Rambler. The system allows keeping all issued documents into the front office and creation of on-line reports. Besides that, the medical insurance product was implemented in Raiffeisen Life in 2015. As a result, the front office system automated the process of premium calculation and printing of policy, it provides on-line reporting and updating of tariffs.

Raiffeisen Life

Raiffeisen Life has been operating in Russia since 2009 and offers wide range of life and medical insurance products; it is the member of Association of Life Insurers and Russian Union of Insurers, the company is in the Top-10 of the market leaders. The shareholders of Raiffeisen Life is insurance group UNIQA (75%) and AO Raiffeisenbank (25%). Rating assigned by Expert RA is “A++”