Virtu Systems presented aggregator of commission products at the conference “Bancassurance and insurance of banking risks” on May 30, 2019

The aggregator increases sales of commission products, allows to do the personalized offers and gives a choice to customer. Commercial Director of Virtu Systems Dmitry Chesnokov spoke about creation of aggregator and presented two cases at the IV conference "Bank Insurance and Banking Risk Insurance", which took place in Moscow on May 30, 2019.

Currently, banks have to sell over the counter insurance products at an average fixed price without giving the choice to the client. The client overpays for the policy and feels that the product was imposed. This contributes to grows of percent of refusal of insurance products during the free look period. It’s more than 15% for now.

The aggregator can solve this problems. It allows to provide to the client the choice and to create idea of "the fair price" in his mind. The aggregator transfers customer data to insurance companies for scoring and providing personalized offers.