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Combine customer loyalty and maximum profit!

Ecosystem for car owners, car dealers, car manufacturers, insurance companies and other suppliers of products.

We help to solve all problems of car owners and increase their loyalty.

Сollect all products
in the single window

Offer products

that clients need
Keep your clients
coming back

The system allows to sell products for autobusiness in the single window

Customer data analysis helps to anticipate needs and make customized comprehensive product offers to customers. Policy issuance takes only 5 minutes.
All processes related to the sale and maintenance of the customer’s life cycle are automated. The system can be used in different areas of business, helps to build KPI and receive operational reporting. Integrations with leading insurance companies and service providers ensure accurate calculations.
  • UI
  • mobile app
  • personal account
Receive a proposal for increasing in sales of commission products

The system functionality

Policy issuance
Saving of data
  • 1
    Automatic calculation of products of several partners in the single window
  • 2
    Issuance of commission products in the car dealership or on the website
  • 3
    Management of the policy`s life cycle: prolongations, additional agreements, cancellations and terminations
  • 4
    A gamification of telematics, prolongation of policies and notifications to maintain engagement of the customer
  • 5
    Underwriting and security checks
  • 6
    Informing customers through all channels (SMS and others)


The cost of using the platform is set individually depending on the needs.
For a commercial application, please contact us.

Jarvis X is distributed as an Internet service, no special software installation steps are required.

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