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Increase sales and cut operational costs by sales automation of agents and affiliate network

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The platform Jarvis allows to increase sales of insurance policies by:
  • expansion of the partner and branches network
  • increase conversion to target action within the interface
  • cross-selling to increase the average premium per customer
  • increase of % of prolongation
  • motivation and training of agents directly in the system
The platform reduces time-to-market and allows you to customize and adjust tariffs and printing forms depending on the sales channels. The platform allows to conduct A/B tests during the pilot phase to scale more profitable products.
Jarvis allows you to set up distribution and manage sales channels from one place. The automation of sales is configured through B2B (points of sale, partners and agents) and B2C (website of the insurance company, partner and agent).
Front-office system.
It is a convenient tool to accelerate the product launch and distribution through sales channels. The platform offers the out of the box API that allows partners to integrate insurance products into their software seamlessly.
A personal account and online-store of insurance and financial products.
To increase the coverage the platform is embedded on the partner`s website through i-Frame or in groups in social networks.
Receive a proposal for increasing in sales of commission products

All types of insurance

We have experience in automatization of all types of insurance in retail and corporate lines of business
Life insurance
Property insurance
Car insurance
Health insurance
Other types

The functionality of the system

Policy issuance
Saving of data
Automation of sales process
Intuitive interface makes the work easy and fast. The autosubstitution and the process of selling on the principle of the online-store — through shopping cart — are embedded, which avoids double data entry. Smart selection shows what additional products will be potentially interesting to the client. The processes of underwriting and verification by the security service are embedded; Internet-acquiring and registration of payments are connected.
Accounting and control
Jarvis allows you to control the sales process online and upload operational reports. Accounting and delivery of contracts to the Central office, the formation of service acceptance acts and other reporting are implemented. Integration with the corporate information system of the insurance company and the automated information system of Central Bank, identification of data in accordance with the Federal Act 115 are set up. Work with the Form of strict accountability is provided.
Management of the policy`s life cycle
Prolongations, additional agreements, cancellations and terminations are implemented. As well as the application form for claims settlement.
Motivation and training of agents
Sales Scripts in the product card accelerate the work of the agent and ensure that he can correctly present the offer. At the same time, he sees the dynamics of his/her plan fulfilment and information on commission and bonus payments.
24/7 support
Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Our wide product range

  • OMTPL and Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • eOMTPL and "car fleet" eOMTPL for legal entities
  • International Motor Insurance Card ("Green Card")
  • GAP-insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel insurance
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Credit card protection insurance
  • Health Insurance for migrants
  • Unemployment insurance and accident insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Property insurance for legal entities and individuals
  • Liability insurance of passenger transportation
  • Liability insurance of hazardous production facilities
  • Personal accident insurance


The cost of using the platform is set individually depending on the needs.
For a commercial application, please contact us.

Jarvis X is distributed as an Internet service, no special software installation steps are required.

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