Increase sales and cut operational costs by sales automation of agents and affiliate network!

If I have products
Platform and channel for easy access to new partners and customers.
If I have clients
Opportunity to sell new products to clients and earn commission income.
  • Automate work with new partners
  • Get ready-made commission products with high agency fees in the single window
  • Reduce time-to-market by quickly publishing products in our system

We offer a single scalable platform with an open API of issuance, accounting and settlement for all partner products.
We advise on the selection of partners and products, train sales staff and provide technical support.
Ecosystem is unlimited new products and many partners from different service area |

All insurance products

More than 1 000 different partner products are configured on our system
  • Box and credit insurance

    • Job loss insurance
    • Personal accident and health insurance
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Property insurance
    • Goods and gadgets insurance
  • Traditional and compulsory

    • Travel Insurance
    • Health Insurance for migrants
    • OMTPL and CASCO
    • Card Protection insurance
  • Service products

    • Legal assistance
    • Tow truck services
    • Assistance in a road traffic accident
    • Car repair
    • Fuel cards
  • Insurance for legal entities

    • Property, equipment and goods insurance
    • Fleet insurance
    • Personal accident and health insurance of top-managment and employees
  • Special products

    • Travel protection (tickets, hotels)
    • Sports/fitness insurance
    • Family protection: spouses/parents/children
  • Life-insurance

    • Cash-value life insurance
    • Investment life insurance
    • Pension insurance


The cost of using the platform is set individually depending on the needs.
For a commercial application, please contact us.

Jarvis X is distributed as an Internet service, no special software installation steps are required.

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