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Increase your commission income up to 40% in the single window system

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products which clients need
ready-made integrations
a user-friendly interface

We will help to increase profit from partner products and care about the client by customizing products for him

The platform Jarvis allows to sell all partner products in one digital storefront. We offer a single scalable platform with an open API for release, accounting and mutual settlements for all partner products in the Bank’s systems.
The unique process of multi-sale through shopping carts on the principle of an online-store without double data entry accelerates the policy issuance, which allows the sales employee to meet the set target time per client, selling a larger number of partner products.
Convenient control over the product line allows to connect and disconnect products online and analyze the profitability of products.
Jarvis helps sell products which clients need by generating product offerings based on customer data and information about agents' motivation. You will be able to create and visualize KPI, platform gamifies achievements and will transform the work into an entertaining competition. Already at the stage of viewing the digital storefront, your agents will know how to build communication with the client, as they will find all the information necessary for the sale.
To automate reporting, information is transferred to the Bank and insurance company systems.
We will help to increase profit from partner products and care about the client by customizing products for him.
Receive a proposal for increasing in sales of commission products

The system functionality

Any sales channel
Selling partner products to individuals and legal entities.
Wide audience
Policy issuance in the office or in website
Policy issuance
Saving of data

A full cycle of policy issuance of any non-bank product is offered

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Mortgage property insurance (legal entities)
  • Insurance of special equipment
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Credit card protection insurance
  • Legal support insurance
  • Entrepreneurial risks insurance (legal entities)
  • Tax deduction for property, social issues, personal investments


The cost of using the platform is set individually depending on the needs.
For a commercial application, please contact us.

Jarvis X is distributed as an Internet service, no special software installation steps are required.

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